Formed in 2002, Navkar Engineering Company has worked its way to the forefront of offering best in class equipment & solutions for business.

What We Provide?

We are authorized dealer of the below listed National-Multinational Brands who are best in their respective fields

Navkar Engineering is a CRISIL rated company based in Surat and carries an experience of over 11 years in offering Material Handling equipment, Pneumatic tools, Pneumatic components, Air Compressor, Industrial Hoses, Workshop Equipment and complete range of products for providing the best solutions to meet your needs.Our products have been proven excellent and efficient in terms of high performance and are available at competitive prices in their respective class. The steady growth of our business during last decade has every time created our reputation for prompt service, timely deliveries with smart & easy solutions.

[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1168″ btn_url=”url:%2Fingersoll-rands%2F|||” info_title=”Ingersoll Rand” caption_url=””]Innovative and reliable solutions for all areas of your[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1238″ btn_url=”url:%2Fmanmachine-works%2F|||” info_title=”Man Machine” caption_url=””]Involved evolved into a full-fledged mechanized cleaning[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1243″ btn_url=”url:%2Fmaterial-handling-solution%2F|||” info_title=”Material Handling Solution” caption_url=””]Guaranteed to improve your operations and workplace[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1229″ btn_url=”url:%2Fworkshop-equipment%2F|||” info_title=”Workshop Equipment” caption_url=””]Complete Range of Air Compressor, Washing Pump[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” btn_url=”url:%2Fjohnbean%2F|||” info_title=”John Bean” image_id=”1241″ caption_url=””]Garage equipment for garages, Tyre shops and body repair[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1230″ btn_url=”url:%2Fcamozzi%2F|||” info_title=”Camozi Pneumatic” caption_url=””]Company with a competitive edge in the production of[/mvc_infobox]
[mvc_infobox info_style=”mega_info_box_2″ link=”link_box” image_id=”1231″ btn_url=”url:%2Fparker%2F|||” info_title=”Parker Hannifin” caption_url=””]Leading manufacturer & exporter of multi spiral & braided[/mvc_infobox]

Why work with us!

Formed in 2002, Navkar Engineering Company has worked has worked its way to the forefront of offering best in class equipment & solutions for bisiness.

  • Provide Quality Products.
  • After Sales Services.
  • Conduct Business With Integrity & Fairness.
  • We Are Technology Focussed.
  • Strong Network Of Service & Maintenance Engineers.
  • Innovative Product Design & Consultancy Support.

Navkar Engineering